HYCU OBM Management Pack for Citrix


Monitoring Citrix Environments using Micro Focus OBM.

The HYCU OBM Management Pack (MP) for Citrix is an availability and performance management solution that extends the end-to-end service monitoring capabilities of Micro Focus OBM to include the Citrix infrastructure, applications and desktops. It fully integrates topology, health, and performance data into the OBM Operations Console, providing the operations overview across the Citrix virtual applications and desktops delivery environment and enabling delivery of effective business service management. Citrix MP enables users to monitor, detect, troubleshoot, solve, and prevent problems occurring in networks, systems, and applications across the Citrix environment. It also provides alerts generated according to availability, performance, configuration or security situations that are identified.

  • Discovery and visualization of the Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops, Storefront, Citrix Provisioning and Citrix Licensing environment
  • Health, availability and performance monitoring
  • Monitoring of Citrix components and tasks
  • Problem identification and resolution

Supported software

  • MicroFocus Operations Bridge Manager for Oracle Linux
  • MicroFocus Operations Bridge Manager for Redhat Enterprise Linux
  • MicroFocus Operations Bridge Manager for Windows
  • MicroFocus Operations Agent
  • Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops
  • Citrix Storefront
  • Citrix Licensing
  • Citrix Provisioning

From a technical perspective

HYCU OBM MP for Citrix is installed on OBM management server and uses the Micro Focus Operations Agent on the Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops delivery controllers, Citrix Storefront servers, Citrix Provisioning servers, Citrix Licensing servers and VDA monitor servers. VDA Monitor server collects information remotely from the Server OS and the Desktop OS machines, requiring no changes on those systems to get their health and performance details.

MP deployment in OBM

Micro Focus

  • Early detection of performance issues

Detection of performance degradation before it affects end users.
Though the use of automated synthetic transactions via StoreFront and the Delivery Controller backend, early detection of inability or slow access to the environment can be detected and corrected before end users are aware of a problem.

Monitoring the Single-session and Multi-session OS Machines performance issues such as high CPU utilization or latency generate alerts to notify IT of possible performance degradation.


  • Monitoring of Citrix infrastructure

Early detection of issues in the Citrix infrastructure allows IT to address them quickly.
The MP monitors the Citrix services and communication paths and generates notifications of any issues. This allows IT to resolve issues quickly to reduce outages or eliminate any performance issues.

Notification of any Desktop registration failures allows IT to make sure that the desktops are ready for business use when needed.


  • High level visualizations

Automated discovery enables topology views that provide a high level overview of the Citrix landscape and the ability to drill down to get to the root cause.


  • Fully integrated into OBM

This MP is fully integrated into the OBM environment, enabling the use of the Run-time Service Model Views, pre-defined Graph templates and performance dashboards.



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