HYCU Freemium Management Pack for F5


Simplify F5 BIG-IQ Monitoring with SCOM.

What does it do?

  • Discovery, visualization, and dynamic update of F5 BIG-IQ hardware and hardware of BIG-IP devices that it is managing.
  • Monitoring of BIG-IQ and BIG-IP (from BIG-IQ point of view) hardware health. For more insight into BIG-IP device health, see HYCU SCOM MP for F5 BIG-IP
  • Integrated administration of MP configuration and optimization

From a technical perspective

HYCU Freemium Management Pack for F5 is a native extension of Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (SCOM). HYCU F5 Data Collector component connects to F5 BIG-IQ iControl REST API and optimizes monitoring load on BIG-IQ device.
SCOM uses SNMP for initial discovery. For data collection, HYCU MP uses iControl REST API.


Make sure your BIG-IQ is working as expected

With HYCU SCOM MP for F5, your operations team can track availability of F5 BIG-IQ and collect information about recurring issues and resources usage. No logins to BIG-IQ are required to make sure your key F5 management solution is up and running. F5 MP alerts, with a built-in knowledge via links to F5 Knowledge Base, help pinpoint a root cause and reduce resolution time.

Configuration tracking

How many devices do you have and are they all managed by F5 BIG-IQ? What happens when a new device is added? HYCU MP for F5 works with HYCU SCOM MP for F5 BIG-IP to help identify all the F5 BIG-IP devices in your environment and check if they are managed with F5 BIG-IQ. Any changes to the configuration are recorded and easily displayed in the report.

BIG-IP versions tracking for successful patch management

With HYCU SCOM MP for F5 and HYCU SCOM MP for F5 BIG-IP, you can review versions, build numbers of all the managed F5 BIG-IP devices and share this information with your security team for successful threats mitigation and a secured environment.



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