Data Protection as a Service for Azure


Purpose-Built Data Protection, Data Migration and Disaster Recovery for Azure.

HYCU for Azure provides application aware data protection, data migration and disaster recovery. This applies to Azure customers with workloads running on Azure, data migration of workloads to Azure and using Azure as a DR target for on-prem workloads. With application-consistent backup, recovery and migration for on-prem and public cloud environments, HYCU for Azure offers a true enterprise class multi-cloud data protection solution.

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  • Data Protection for Azure

HYCU for Azure provides a cloud native, application consistent backup and recovery functionality for all VMs running on Azure. HYCU delivers this via 1-click simplicity, tight platform integration, application awareness and built-in compliance as-a-service on Azure.


  • Data Migration for Azure

HYCU for Azure provides the ability to seamlessly lift and shift production workloads in an application consistent manner, from on-prem or a public cloud datacenter to an Azure Resource Group. HYCU effortlessly enables self-service ondemand migration or staged migration to Azure.


  • Disaster Recovery for Azure

Customers looking to leverage Azure as a DR target can now use HYCU to seamlessly failover to Azure from their on-prem or public cloud datacenters. HYCU eliminates the need to pay for compute and high-performance storage until customers actually need to failover to Azure.HYCU Protege


  • Purpose Built for Azure

Zero performance impact: Achieve impact-free backup and recovery due to tight integration with Azure platform which leverages Azure’s VM level snapshots.
Integration with Azure AD and access management: Efficient use of Azure Access Management via Azure’s Active Directory for single sign on capabilities and automatically inherit Azure’s detailed security rules.
Integrated with Azure billing: HYCU’s as-a-service delivery for Azure perfectly fits into Azure’s billing model and is readily available for subscription from Azure marketplace.


  • Designed with Simplicity

Deploy with ease: No need to waste time and money on professional services as HYCU is delivered as-a-service on Azure which can achieve the protection-readiness-objective (PRO) instantaneously.
Zero management overhead: Being delivered as-a-service, customers don’t have to waste any time in software maintenance and upgrades.
1-Click to Backup/Migrate/DR: Simplify the most complicated data protection, migration and DR workflows with out of the box policy management.


  • Application Aware Solution

Applications First: Effectively backup your business-critical data with Azure’s VM level snapshots due to HYCU’s complete app consistent backup, migration & disaster recovery. 
Lift and Shift: Seamlessly move business critical workloads to Azure from OnPrem or public cloud vendors in an application consistent manner. 
Agentless by Design: Avoid operational chaos with zero agent/plugin installs or upgrades with HYCU’s Intelligent remote communication capabilities with Azure VMs. 


  • Self-service for Operational Efficiency

Multi-Tenancy: Secure backups in a sand-box style environment via Azure’s Resource Groups, as HYCU can quickly discover and honor all Resource Groups within an Azure account.
Role-based Access Control: Increase organizational agility by task delegation – DBAs
restoring their DBs or helpdesk restoring data to end-users – via HYCU’s integration with
Azure Active Directory.
Empower Application Owners: Enable DevOps style organizations to work effectively
in their test-dev environments with HYCU’s clone and migration capabilities.


  • Reduced TCO

Zero Deployment: No infrastructure costs required for install and management as HYCU
is delivered as-a-service in Azure as HYCU can quickly discover and honor all Resource Groups within an Azure account.
Dynamic Scaling: Customers can pay as they need and not pay upfront for unused
resources as HYCU can automatically scale up and down based on application needs.
Leverage Existing Infrastructure: No egress charges by using regional Azure object
storage and highly efficient backups using HYCU’s proprietary incremental-forever




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