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Hayes Locums has been on the list of fastest-growing companies in South Florida for the past few years. In 2018, keeping pace with that growth required modernizing the company’s IT infrastructure, according to Enterprise Infrastructure Manager Vik Bhakta, who joined the company at that time.


Business Challenge

“Our on-premises hardware was dated and there was no real redundancy, no clustering,” Bhakta explains, noting that availability was a top concern. The company had two isolated sites—one on-prem, the other in Azure Cloud—that were not highly available. Compute and storage resources were at capacity, creating the risk of an outage.

“We can’t afford outages in our business,” Bhakta says. “Any outage could ultimately prevent the right doctor from getting to the right place to treat the right patient.” The search was on for a new server cluster solution.

After reviewing the available alternatives, they chose Nutanix hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI), including Nutanix AHV. They established four Nutanix nodes with a
total capacity of 120TB.

Data security was also a top priority. “Executive leadership was very concerned about potential security threats,” Bhakta says. To address the threat, he moved to a cloudcentric approach based on Azure to allow distributed backups. Unfortunately, their legacy backup solution didn’t play well with Nutanix. “It wasn’t native to Nutanix. It just didn’t seem like a well-thought-out solution.”



As Bhakta explored available options, HYCU kept popping up in his research. “It’s purpose-built for Nutanix, exactly what I was looking for.”

HYCU’s tight Nutanix integration simplified things. “I’m a single pane of glass person. I like to make sure all my products work well with my other products. With HYCU, it all worked together. I didn’t have to have two appliances and all the extra overhead,” he says, noting that HYCU provides visibility of the entire Nutanix infrastructure.

Liking what he saw, Bhakta decided to go with HYCU for backup and restore to support business continuity. “If that security breach ever occurs, I know with HYCU we’ll have our data replicated in several places with multiple ways to recover that data,” he says.



  • Simple Deployment

Thanks to HYCU’s native Nutanix integration, deployment was a non-event. “We plugged it in and it just worked,” Bhakta recalls. “As soon as we pointed to the cluster, HYCU picked up all our VMs, we applied some policies and off it went.”

  • Easy management

Operating HYCU has been a hands-off experience. “I’ve logged into the HYCU console all of about four times this year. And that was just to spin up some VMs that required special policies,” Bhakta says. “I love the HYCU interface. At a glance, we can see if everything is okay or if there is something we need to address.” That frees up Bhakta and his team to focus on business solutions, instead of babysitting their backup system.

  • Rock-solid reliability

“I prefer to invest in premium products that allow me to sleep at night,” Bhakta says, adding that HYCU’s simplicity and reliability give him complete confidence. “It just works.”

  • Flexible control

HYCU gives the Hayes Locums team fine-grain control over every aspect of their backup and recovery infrastructure. “We’re able to have our local snapshots and our 3-2-1 backup scheme,” Bhakta says, adding that he likes HYCU’s flexible copy policies and the ability to set limits on how much data is uploaded to the cloud and when. “Having that control helps us stay within our cloud budget and avoid costly surprises.”

  • Responsive support

While he stresses that he’s never had to submit a critical support ticket, Bhakta says HYCU support has been exemplary. Early in their tenure with HYCU, they experienced some performance issues with large archive backups. “HYCU support was very straightforward, working to resolve the issue. I had almost forgotten about the issue but they reached out to let me know it was fixed and wanted to make sure we were satisfied with it,” he recalls. “After that, our longer-term archive backups were immensely faster than before.”


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About the Customer

Hayes Locums is an award-winning healthcare staffing firm and physician recruitment agency serving healthcare professionals and institutions nationwide. The company’s commitment to putting practitioners and clients first has made it one of the largest and most successful locums tenens agencies in the nation.


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Hayes Locum


“I prefer to invest in premium products that allow me to sleep at night. I don’t want to worry about whether something is going to fail. HYCU embraces the same mantra: work well,
sleep at night.”


- Vik Bhakta,
Enterprise Infrastructure Manager,
Hayes Locums 


  • Thanks to HYCU’s native Nutanix integration, deployment was a non-event.
  • HYCU gives the Hayes Locums team fine-grain control over every aspect of their backup and recovery infrastructure.

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