Auto Supplier Shifts its Backup into High Gear with HYCU



MATA Automotive operates in a highly competitive marketplace, serving auto manufacturers worldwide. Ensuring the continuity of critical applications and data is a top business priority, according to Deniz Coban, Chief Information Officer.

To help achieve that goal and to support scaling to keep pace with growth, the company migrated in 2019 from its legacy server infrastructure to Nutanix hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI). To support their business applications, they established a Nutanix cluster with four nodes supporting approximately 200 virtual machines. They also adopted Nutanix Files with encryption.

Researching backup and recovery solutions, Coban says they trialed three different products. “We could not get the result we wanted from any of them,” Coban says. “Each had its own detailed setup and rules. We experienced some slowdowns and problems during the backup and recovery processes, and continuous professional support was required for each one.”



Then Coban learned about HYCU, the only backup and recovery solution purposebuilt
for Nutanix.

“When we tried HYCU, we found that there is full integration with Nutanix and an easy installation and deployment process,” he explains. “HYCU worked better than the other products in terms of speed and ease of use.”

They configured HYCU using MATA’s own storage as a backup target for both Nutanix Files and general files.



  • Simple deployment

Thanks to HYCU’s native support for Nutanix, “It takes just three minutes to deploy without training,” Coban says. “You don’t need additional hardware, agents or licenses to run. That’s a key reason why we chose HYCU.”

  • Faster performance

“Previously, our backup and recovery times were too long. With HYCU, we can backup and restore much faster,” Coban says, noting that this allows MATA to be more agile. While he doesn’t have a specific comparison metric, “I can say there is a serious speed difference. One of the other products we tested ran much slower in restoration processes than HYCU.”

  • Superior scalability

HYCU enables MATA Automotive to take full advantage of Nutanix’s easy scaling. New VMs can be spun up quickly in the backup environment with HYCU’s auto discovery capability. “This is important because it means our business is not waiting for additional system capacity,” Coban explains.


You can download the case study here: 



About the Customer

MATA Automotive is a leading supplier of decorative interior and exterior components in premium wood and carbon fiber materials to the worldwide auto industry. A truly global company, MATA Automotive has state-of-the-art operations in Turkey, the United Kingdom, Slovakia, the United States and China.


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Mata Automotive


“Backup is critical for us to keep daily operations running smoothly. HYCU meets all of our Nutanix backup and recovery needs. We feel safe thanks to HYCU’s support for Nutanix.”

- Deniz Coban,
Chief Information Officer,
MATA Automotive


  • One of the other products we tested ran much slower in restoration processes than HYCU.
  • No need for additional hardware, agents or licenses to run

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